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How It Works

Make reading fun by creating avatar characters of children, family, friends, and other community members to transport them into traditional and personalized children’s stories. You can change the background illustrative scenes, add diverse music compilations and sound effects, while using your own voice to personalize the stories through narration. Our app provides parents with the opportunity to create stories that are both personal and powerful in delivering impressive results in literacy development.

About Us

Children Story Time is an educational, entertaining application that provides early childhood learners, parents and caregivers the tools to download and customize culturally inclusive stories.

Children of color face a large educational achievement gap. Our mission is to bridge this gap through an educational and fun tool that can be used anywhere at any time, that improves reading and comprehension skills, and that is inviting to use because of its cultural inclusivity.

Our Values


We are committed to carrying out our company mission together.


We celebrate the diverse opinions and unique experiences that our team offers.


We communicate truthfully with one another.

Open Mind

We listen to understand and explore our world through others.  We speak to share our understanding of the world with others.

Social Justice

The achievement gap that exists for children color is a complex problem that we can help balance by creating an educational and fun tool to improve reading and comprehension skills that fits into their lives, any place, anytime.


Coming Soon

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Frequently Asked Questions

When will the app launch?

Children Story Time will launch in fall of 2018.

How does the app work?

You can create and customize characters, guiding your children through personalized stories.

How much does the app cost?

Children Story Time is completely free to download. You can unlock new stories and features in our online store.

Who can use this app?

Our stories are best for helping children ages 3 to 8 develop their reading comprehension skills, however, people of all ages can enjoy customizing stories.

Who are the characters?

Meet Ava, a strong, sassy, independent seven year old who’s not afraid of a new adventure. Ava and her best friend, J. Bear, take on the world one adventure at a time through imagination and quick-witted collaboration.
J. Bear is Ava’s best friend. He is a magical bear with the ability to transform their world into something extraordinary and enchanting.

Where is the company located?

Our headquarters is located in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Where can I go for help with the app?

You can contact us at by email at, or you can go to our help section.

Meet our Team

Dr. Nicolas Styles

Chairman and CEO

Team Placeholder
Bob Lindberg

Audio Engineer

Benjamin Osburn

Curriculum Development

Team Placeholder
Brandon Mitchell


Team Placeholder
Breeanna Lindgren


Dr. Daniel R. Anderson

Advisory Board

Dan Jordan

Chief Financial Officer

Iyare Oronsaye

VP Creative Director

Jared McMorris

Web Developer

Dr. Jeremy Passer

Chief People Officer

Joanna Mendoza


Team Placeholder
Kyle Thornton

VP Video Production

Mally Watkins

VP Music Art Direction

Nehemiah Nesheim

VP Art Director

Owen Duckworth

Music Arts Director / Production

Patrice Torrez

Children's Book Writer

Paul Omodt

Advisory Board

Peter Murlowski

Advisory Board

Rachel Colestock


Team Placeholder
Robert Bennett

Back-end Developer (Full Stack)

Ross Clanton

Advisory Board

Sally Sutton


Sam Richter

Advisory Board

Team Placeholder
Sara Staudt


Sarah Allen

Sr. Marketing Strategist

Troy McCabe

Front-end Developer

Tyson Phipps

Graphic Designer